Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who is Eddy?

Several people have asked about the name of this blog. Eddy isn't a person. Well, she is the girlfriend of Gus in David James Duncan's book "The River Why" (no, we didn't name our Gus after that Gus, although many friends think we did. Our Gus is named after John's dad) - but this blog isn't named after that Eddy.

It is named after the place in a river, called an eddy, where the current runs counter to the main flow. It is the place, formed by a rock or jutting bank, where a kayaker can sit and rest and regroup and plan her next move. All kinds of things turn up in eddies - leaves, twigs, debris, lost water bottles, broken paddles...

In this eddy, I collect our stories and photos and other bits and pieces. It's my quiet spot amidst the rushing of work and family and environmental advocacy.

From here, I scout my line. I catch my breath and savor the wild and beautiful scenery.

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