Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkins, Pok Pok, and Po' Boys

Great time on Sauvie Island on Saturday. It's an island formed by the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia rivers, just 30 mins from our house. Mostly farms and a wildlife refuge.

I had seen an ad for a pumpkin patch, Kruger's Farm, so we followed those directions. It was right off the exit, and it was mayhem. Hundreds and hundreds of people, cars, traffic. People directing traffic. Haunted corn mazes and beer gardens and a petting zoo. John, being from Montana, was appalled to see the hay ride pulled by a giant tractor, not a horse.

We got out while we still could. Disobeying the traffic director, we turned the car around and escaped. The boys were still asleep in their car seats, so we knew we had time. We pulled back on to the main road - see ya suckers! - and set off to explore the island and find a patch that was more our speed.

It was a beautiful sunny fall day and the trees were just starting to turn gold and red. We saw glimpses of the river as we drove. We stopped at a little country market for blueberry milkshakes and beer. Eventually we came to Columbia Farm. A barn, a pumpkin patch, and a pile of hay for the kids to climb on. And only one little line of cars parked in the grass in front of the barn.

The kids loved the wagon, we played on the hay, got a bunch of pumpkins and apples, and then made our way back to town, where we spent the rest of the day celebrating John's birthday. Beers in the Pearl. Dinner at Pok Pok. Wonderful having Barb and Sierra in town. So fun to be together with our boys.

Sunday, we had brunch at the Delta cafe. Delicious: beignets with lemon curd. Fried bananas. They also had a stellar fresh-squeezed lemonade. I drank one and got a refill. Everybody else had bloody Mary's, but I think they were jealous when they saw my lemonade.

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