Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wrightsville Beach, NC

Bob's moving to Portland!

Just got back from 2 big weeks in DC and NC. The big news is that Bobby got offered an amazing job at Wieden-Kennedy and he's taking it!

He's moving out to the great Northwest at the end of July. John and I might not be far behind, if we can sell our house in this crazy market. And mom and dad will come as soon as they can (retire now!)

It will be so, so great to all be in the same city. I can't even believe it, seems too good to be true.

The first week, John and I were in DC for "River Action Day", a big lobbying effort on the Hill. It was fun for John and me to be in DC - weirdly enough our first time there together! We were mired in work activities, functions and parties, but managed to meet up with Joy and Cheryl for appetizers. We also had dinner with Dave and Summer at a great restaurant in Georgetown, Hook (sustainable seafood). Super food. I had a dessert that was a take on S'mores, complete with cinnamon ice cream and homemade marshmallows.

The second week was with the fam at Wrightsville Beach, NC. Amazing weather and the water was Bermuda-clear. We rented bikes (those great fat-tire beach cruisers) and ate practically every lunch at a delicious fish taco joint. John met his goal of eating only fish for two weeks. He cooked some amazing dinners (grouper, mahi mahi) and my mom made her famous Maryland crab cakes.

John, Dad and Bob went fishing one morning with Captain Jeremiah, but sadly only caught a ray (Dad) and a flounder, bluefish and baby shark (Bob). John got skunked, but I bet if they had been fishing with flies he would have reeled in those spanish mackerel!

Mom and I had our own mini-adventure -- we swam the channel to Figure-Eight Island. Sounds harder than it really was. It was low-tide so we walked half way.

It was great to see Bob's girlfriend Sara. Good walks and bike rides. And, talking about The Hills. Heidi's appearance on Regis and Kelly sparked some debate. Sara and I were trying to convince my mom why she's lame. Mom, as exhibit A, here is Heidi's music video.

We flew from NC to DC last night and stayed with Joy and Jim, after a tasty dinner of Ethiopian food. Woke up at the crack of dawn for our flight back to Seattle. Beautiful weather here. We've done all of our laundry, picked up Queets, watered the garden, mowed the lawn, and now we're getting ready for a relaxing evening of pizza and Netflix.

Need to gear up for what will be a BUSY week at work.

Pics from the beach coming soon...

Friday, June 6, 2008

What we've been up to

...Traveling, mostly. Both John and I have been back and forth to Portland for work. He brought some of our old furniture down to PRC's new office (which is cool, it's actually a house, so he can stay there when he travels) and just returned today, so I'm looking forward to seeing him when I get home from work!

The weather here STINKS. Hope mom, dad and Bobby don't read this because I'm trying to convince them to move out here! The picture of our beach below gives you a sense of what we've been dealing with. Overcast. Chilly. Drizzly. Also, it was taken at the lowest tide of the year (sailboat owner isn't happy!)

I think we're going to do some yard/garden work at home this weekend. We're gearing up for a trip back east -- in DC the week of June 16 (will be fun to be in DC with John and show him the old stomping grounds, then in NC at the beach starting June 21. Can't wait!