Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nap time

Ah...the boy is asleep. Time to catch up.

We've been busy, as always. Dad and Bobby returned from a whirlwind weekend at the Super Bowl in Dallas. They had a great time, and came back with all kinds of memorabilia including cowboy hats.

August is more interested than ever in animals and it's a constant barnyard chorus around here. My mom and I ran some errands together this morning and she bought him a toy horse and sheep at a little consignment shop in Sellwood.

His neigh-neigh's are morphing into "no-no's" more and more, as he imitates what we say constantly to Queets...

Even though it's still winter, our summer plans are shaping up. I'm giving a keynote talk at an event in Jackson, WY in early June, so we'll plan some fun around that. In late June, we're meeting up with Joy and family in Montana. Coyote Roadhouse cabins - love the fact that we can swim in the river. Plus it's close to Glacier Nat'l Park.

We're also trying to plan a family reunion on the OR coast in August (family reading this - how does the last week in August sound?)

Tomorrow, August and I are heading out to a friend's house on the Clackamas River. It's one of A's friends from daycare, and his mom and I have hit it off. They have a little farm, so A is going to be over the moon about real live goats, pigs, etc!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We returned Sunday afternoon from a wonderful weekend in West Seattle. How great to be back in our old 'hood, where it still feels like home. Living there for five years, and having A. there, and bonding with my mama friends really connects us to the place.

We stayed with B & S, so we got to take several nice (drizzly) walks on Alki Beach. A loved playing with Jessie, the big two and a half year old. And A. loved their two cats - he did a lot of meowing, my absolute favorite of his many animal sounds. It melts my heart every time.

A highlight of the weekend was a party my friend M had for all of the moms who donated breastmilk to her son L, who is just two months younger than A. She wasn't able to breastfeed due to complications, but she was able to feed L on donated breastmilk for the entire first year of his life!

47 donor moms = 15,000 ounces of breastmilk.

How amazing is that? And how amazing is M for making that happen?

I only contributed a tiny fraction of what some of the other moms donated (I'd give M a bottle here and there when we met on dog walks in the neighborhood). But I told her, and this is hard to explain, that it was such a gift for me to be able to help.

M made each of the mamas a felted wool bowl. Green, with a little red heart at the bottom. She talked about the symbolism of a bowl: it represents abundance, nourishment. It's a vessel meant to be filled.

I think back to those early days when A was an infant and all of this was so new. The bowl now sits on my dresser. It reminds me how blessed I am to be a mother, to have this love in my life, to have such good friends, to be part of such a strong community that, when we come together, can accomplish pretty amazing things.