Saturday, January 16, 2010


August has introduced a number of verbs into our daily conversation. For example:

To woodpecker -- this was mostly a newborn thing, when he wanted to nurse. He'd slam his face into John's chest/neck/chin, probing around. John: "You should probably come in here, he's really woodpeckering."

To scrunch -- also a newborn thing -- how they tuck their legs up and scrunch into a little ball on your chest. Me: "Do you want to go scrunch with papa?"

To melt -- short for melting down. Self explanatory. Me: "We were at the store and he totally melted."

To squawk -- the little shouts when he's getting fussy. Quickly increasing in loudness and frequency when he is bored with his chair or gym.

To roughhouse -- This is what John calls it when he tickles August and kisses his neck, making him smile his huge gummy smile (he isn't really laughing quite yet). "Oh boy, let's do some roughhousin'!"

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