Thursday, January 28, 2010

So far so good

Our first three daycare days were a success. Monday I was an absolute wreck, couldn't stop crying. Red, puffy eyes and tears when I dropped him off. Yaneth, the daycare woman, was so so sweet - she has kids of her own - and totally understood my misery. Of course, August was smiling the whole time and seemed totally chill with the whole thing.

I had to pull over after I dropped him off to catch my breath, and was still crying when I got to the office. My colleagues were great. There were beautiful flowers from Leslie in my office. I managed to pull it together, but still had visions of August crying at daycare. Had my first pumping-milk-at-work experience. Went fine, and I'm grateful I have my own office. I can't imagine having to trek to the bathroom every couple hours to pump. It's bad enough as it is!

Around 2:00 I left to pick up the boy. When I got there he was happy as a clam. SUCH a relief. When we got home he couldn't stop talking, like he had so much to tell us about his day. Most of the kids at this in-home daycare are around 2 or 3, so I think August likes watching the big kids. And maybe it's cool for him to see new things, be in a different place, who knows.

Oh, and he NAPS at daycare. What?! That was my biggest fear, because I thought he couldn't nap/sleep without nursing. Well, apparently not. So that is also a big relief. I need to ask Yaneth what her secret is...

Tues and Wed also went well, same thing - he's just a happy, secure, content little guy. I'm sure there will be bad/fussy days, but I think we're off to a good start.

Of course, it's still hard for me -- I miss him so much during the day (which is why I've been picking him up at 2 every day!) Luckily today and Friday I work from home, so I get him all to myself. Still trying to figure out the whole work-balance thing.

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