Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The 18 pounder

He weighs 18 pounds! I just weighed him.

Here are some new videos from December and January.

We visited the daycare yesterday just to reconnect, and so John could meet them. It's a good place and I'm feeling as good as can be expected about the whole thing. I can't believe my leave ends on Monday and it's back to work. What a magical almost four months this has been. I'm a different person. We are blessed beyond belief. I sometimes look at August and have to keep focusing, telling myself, Yes, he is real! He is here, he is right here in your arms. Oh, my sweet baby boy.

So, other than trying to get the boy to nap on a relatively regular basis-- and not attached to my breast-- we've been having fun watching the Australian Open and being out in the sunshine. I'm heading over to a neighbor's house in a bit - her baby is August's age. We put them on the floor together and watch them flail and grab each other. Very cute.

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Renee said...

He is so cute! I love how their arms and legs go a mile a minute. He looks just like his Daddy!