Friday, January 13, 2012

Where am I?

We've been going nonstop for the past several days. Fun overnight trip to Seattle for work (300+ people at our REI event!), August sleeping over at grandma and grandpa's (popcorn and The Lion King. Ask him to sing Hakuna Matata), rental cars (and taking car seats out, in, out, in), board meetings and budgets (late nights for John), dentist appointments (numb lip)...

It's all I can do to remember keys, wallet, phone. So I couldn't understand why the gas station attendant was shouting at me this morning when I started filling up the rental car. Something about "...against the law!"

Oh, right. Because I'm not in Seattle.

I'm back in Portland, where they do it for you.

Got it. Thanks. At least it's Friday.

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