Monday, January 30, 2012

Perfect Sunday

* Woke up early to find John still watching the Australian Open men's final (heartbreaker Nadal!)
* Took August for a run in the stroller and a big brilliant full rainbow kept us company for the last 15 mins.
* August took a morning nap, which gave John and I more time to snooze, read, and drink tea as the rain poured down outside. Cozy.
* After a grilled cheese, we went to the dog park. Is there anything more fun than playing outside in rain puddles with a 2 year old boy?
* Read new dino books from the library
* Fell asleep on the couch together, 2nd nap of the day for both of us. Is there anything more snuggly than cuddling up with a 2 year old boy for a nap?
* John and August had a boys night and made dinner and root beer floats, while I went to a friend's house for dinner.
* Our wonderful neighbor was at our house when I got home, with multiple bottles of wine! We stayed up until midnight.

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