Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer panic

Summer is so wonderful here in the Pacific Northwest, there's a general sense that you have to cram a million fun things into the months of July and August, before the wintery dark arrives. The days are so long (it doesn't get dark in the evenings now until 10ish) so you feel like you need to hike/garden/boat/fish/etc 24-7 and you'll sleep when winter comes.

So today at work I had my first panic that we're not doing enough outdoor fun. But we've been so busy with work and travel (I recently got promoted to nat'l communications director, and John is busy as always, raising money and hiring new staff) we've been wanting quiet weekends at home.

Enough of that! Who cares about laundry, vacuuming, etc. Tonight after work we'll have a late dinner b/c I'm taking Queets to the beach. And this weekend we're going hiking. There. That settles it. My panic is already starting to subside.

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