Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bob arrives in Portland!

Bobby should be in Portland by now! He and Sara did the final leg of their drive today, from Utah. I talked to them when I was on the bus coming home from work (stuck in baseball traffic - the Mariners/Red Sox crowd was spilling out of the stadium and held up traffic for 40 mins! I got home an hour late! This city's traffic management and bus routes are pathetic. And we think we're progressive! Don't get me started.)

Anyway. John is already down there for work, he left this morning. I'm going to take the train down tomorrow evening. So we'll have Fri, Sat and Sun to have fun, have some good dinners (thanks Mom and Dad!) and also a little outdoor adventure. We might go to Hood River, maybe do a hike. We'll see.

The main goal is to show Bob and Sara a good time since this is Bob's new home (and hopefully ours too, one of these days!)

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