Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kudos to Dr. Chrissy!

In honor of Chrissy, who recently defended her dissertation (passing with distinction!) here are some photos I found last night. A little trip down memory lane!


Amy and Chrissy at graduation (was this some after party/lunch at the Rio?? I forget.)

On the back of this photo, in Joy's handwriting it says, "The first football game at Watkins Mill High School. Score: Smithsburg, 22. Wolverines, 0." This photo really cracks me up. Look at Bobby! And Emily Green!

Getting ready for prom (?) in Joy's room.


CMG said...

Thanks, Aims!!! These pictures are great! We all look so young (and I guess we were). Fun times!

KJL said...

I love it! So fun to look through old photos! And congrats to Chrissy!

jhg said...

The first football game pic cracks me up! What the hell was I wearing? I look 9 years old and am 2 feet tall!!