Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Put the yehyow chairs on the pow

August is talking up a storm. He has quickly graduated from animal sounds to almost-words:

de-do: daffodil. Also works for dolphin.
yeh-yow: yellow (his go-to answer for 'what color is ___?')
wawa: water
go-go: flamingo
buh-go: buffalo

Today he was at mom and dad's and they were having their back patio (pow) put in. Driving back home, we crossed the Willamette and I asked him what animals live in the river. Quack quack, he said. Yes! What else? Tur-tle. Yes! And what other animals live in the river? Baa Baa. Neigh neigh.

He is such a playful little joker, a really physical little boy. Loves to roughhouse with papa and grandma. Recently we've been dealing with a little scratching and hair-pulling (people, dogs). All in good fun, but we're teaching gentle, gentle...

I've been having such fun getting the garden ready with him. He digs, looks for worms, says Ow! whenever he sees anything resembling a rose bush. Or a knife for that matter, he is very safety-oriented.

But I know he isn't going to be happy to hear about the new safety guidelines for carseats -- best to remain rear-facing until 2 yrs old. Need to switch it back. Sorry, buddy.

Yesterday evening I heard him say "mama" for the first time over the phone. He usually says it as a question - "ma-MA?" My heart melted and I almost got teary, which is pretty much standard whenever he reaches any kind of milestone.

We are loving the longer days, more sunshine, and all the signs of spring.

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