Monday, November 15, 2010

Let the holidays begin

I know it isn't Thanksgiving yet, but I'm all about the holiday spirit. I usually hate "rushing the season" but this year, bring it on. The Christmas songs started on the radio this morning as we were driving in to town.

I sang Feliz Navidad to August as we waited in a road-work traffic jam, trying to get on to the Hawthorne Bridge. Then "Grandma got run over by a reindeer" came on. Have you ever listened to the lyrics? It's an awful song. Maybe because in our family, grandma and grandpas are pretty special. Or, it's just a dumb song.

Our very own mama/grandma arrives a week from today. I think that is contributing to my seasonal excitement. I'm taking the week off of work, and August and I will help her look at houses. Then dad/grandpa/TeSo will join us for Thanksgiving festivities. It's going to be wonderful having everyone here, all of us together. And come December 23, they will be living in Portland for good. The whole family in the same town. August is one lucky grandson, and I am one lucky gal.

I have a couple holiday craft projects in the works. For our Thanksgiving decor, August will color some pictures that I printed out from online (simple Thanksgiving pics, like a pilgrim's hat, pumpkins, etc). My vision is to display them in the dining room on a string with clothespins. Or if that ends up looking lame, use them as place mats? We'll see. (Oh, and by "color" I mean "scribble").

For our Christmas card, I am attempting a collage that represents our year. It's fun as I collect the images and piece it together. The challenging part is finding a safe place for the collage-in-progress, away from babies, dogs, and vacuum cleaners. It's currently sitting on a large wooden cutting board in August's pack-and-play (which shows you how much time he spends there these days).

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