Sunday, November 7, 2010


August has a stomach bug. He threw up a lot yesterday. I smelled like vomit the whole day (that sour smell on my shirt brought me back to the newborn spit up days) and he was clingy and cuddly, and I loved it. Of course I hate that he feels bad, but I loved the day of cuddles and little boy sweetness. In the Ergo, his head on my chest. Crawling into my lap to snuggle as I sat on the floor. I don't think we've cuddled that much since he was an infant - these days he wants to be held if he's nursing or tired, but that's it.

He is a full-fledged toddler now. He got his first real pair of shoes (with solid rubber soles, not the soft leather Robeez). On Friday we went for a little excursion down the sidewalk and explored the wild alley -- it isn't paved, and is where we picked blackberries in late summer. He points to pictures in books, and he likes to move the beads along the wires of his wooden toy. He no longer ignores his stuffed animals, but points to them (asking me to get them out of his crib so he can play with them on the floor). Sometimes he hugs them. He hugs the dogs at least once a day - he gets a real kick out of them, watching them play and throwing pizza crusts at them.

Right now he is asleep on the bed and I am typing on the laptop. The clock says 5:20 but b/c of the time change it's really 4:20. And I should be sleeping. I've already folded laundry...maybe I'll go downstairs and make some muffins. Pumpkin apple oat?

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