Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a relaxing Mother's Day weekend. John surprised me Sunday morning with my first-ever M's Day present. Some lovely body lotion (my skin is SO dry these days, is that a pregnancy thing?) and an adorable baby blanket. I really wasn't expecting anything, so it was extra sweet. What a thoughtful hubby I have.

I tried to tackle the massive amount of yard work we need to do on Saturday, but fizzled out after 45 mins. Pulling all the dead lavender (it died b/c of all the winter snow we got) was just too tiring and I ended up needing a nap. I thought I had endless energy these days, but I guess there are limits.

Next week is our 20 wk ultrasound. We had decided we don't want to find out the gender. But then we've been talking to a bunch of friends who did find out early, so that kind of swayed me in the other direction. But I think we'll hold firm and wait until the birth to find out boy/girl. Of course, I'll probably change my mind again tomorrow...

We took some pics last night by our huge lilac tree. I'll try to post them when I get home from work.

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jhg said...

Happy Mommy's Day!!! I think it's awesome for those who don't find out the sex - what anticipation!! I never had the will power to wait!!! Keep us posted!