Thursday, April 30, 2009


So I thought I was 16 weeks, but I'm really more like 17 - which means the baby is the size of a turnip (I thought turnips were smaller than avocados?)

Anyway, we had our first "centering group" meeting last night. It's kind of a cool idea, where all the couples due in a certain month meet together with the midwives and we do all the usual checkup stuff (weight, blood pressure, baby's heartbeat) then we talk as a group about issues, questions, etc. I think we'll end up making some friends there. It was fun, and the husbands provided some good comic relief.

Eliz gets in tonight. Will take lots of pics over the weekend and post Sun/Mon. Tomorrow we're floating the Skykomish with John and the pups, and Saturday is pedicure day!

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