Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ah, Portland

What a great Thanksgiving we had in Portland. Bob and Sara were wonderful hosts, and it was fun to see their condo all decorated and finished.

We had some good walks and outings, looking at houses for mom and dad -- up around Washington Park, near John's office, and also in Northwest, not far from Bob's condo. We played Bobby's Wii (John liked golf, I liked cow racing). We had an amazing dinner at Three Doors Down (see amazing recipes for penne with vodka sauce and white bean dip) and we ate amazing pizza at Ken's Artisan Pizza. AND, after a day of Christmas shopping we stopped at a chocolate cafe for heavenly "drinking chocolate". Mmm.

In other big news, when were were in Oregon we picked up our drift boat and we visited the Von Duffin's (where we got Queets) -- we'll be getting a puppy this spring/summer!

Mostly, we're all just hopeful and excited that we'll all be able to be in the same city before too long.

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