Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My first (and last!) naked beer ad

This ad for New Belgium's seasonal "Skinny Dip" beer is running in the May/June issues of a number of magazines. And that's me, holding the "A"!

I was delighted to see that, in the final "creative", the beer bottle is covering my rear-end. That's better than I can say for one of my colleagues in the front, where you get a nice side shot!

Anyway, we did the photo shoot back in October on the White Salmon River in southwest Washington. It was FREEZING! There was a good deal of beer and other alcohol flowing, to keep us warm and to help with the whole courage/getting naked factor. It literally was freezing because the river is fed by glaciers and cold springs.

It's cool that New Belgium is helping promote our efforts to restore the river by removing an old dam. Condit Dam doesn't produce much electricity, is roughly 100 years old, and blocks salmon and steelhead from swimming up the White Salmon and spawning in the river's pristine habitat. We're hoping the dam will be removed next year.

As the ad says, Go Fish!

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KJL said...

That's fabulous! I'm very impressed, Amy!