Sunday, March 11, 2012


Wow, lots has happened since our last post! Here's a re-cap:

* Getting ready for spring - moving garden beds, pulling weeds, digging up old roots and rhodies...I'm obsessed with our yard and gardening. No actual seeds/plants have been put in the ground yet, but we're doing lots of prep work. I've realized with gardening the fun is the journey, not the destination...basically, I just like being outside. So does August. We find worms, and he carries them around and talks to them.

* Potty training! (or as some people say "toilet learning") - this snuck up on us out of the blue. We were half-heartedly doing it, and then a week ago it totally caught on. #1 and #2 in the potty, all the time. Lots of jelly beans, M&M's, and sweethearts (I love how August says "sweetheart") have been doled out - not so much anymore, I'm getting worried about cavities. Wow, August, you are all of a sudden such a big boy.

* Old friends - Elizabeth and Cathy came to visit. We had dinner at our house Fri night (spicy chicken soba, an old Cooking Light recipe that I can't find online, but is similar to this, and homemade lemon bars).

What else...baking Irish soda bread...John going spring chinook fishing today for the first time this season...we finally finished all the seasons of Friday Night Lights (shedding a tear)...getting out the Easter decorations, and August pretends the ceramic eggs are dinosaur eggs...

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