Friday, December 30, 2011


Just back from a very rainy run. It's December. Am I nuts? Most normal people would stay inside with their 2 yr old reading books and cuddling under blankets. But I bundle up the boy, tuck him under waterproof blankets with his spinosaurus, and set off into the downpour. Why? Because mommy needs to go for a run.

Clearly, he doesn't mind. He's dry and cozy (the BOB is a life-saver. I love this thing)

When we got home I wheeled the warm sleeping boy into the mudroom. In the shower (hot, hot) I tried to put into words why I run. With the boy still snoozing away, here's a shot at it.

I run because I need it both mentally and physically
I run to move, because it's fun to move
I run to remember who I am - me - in addition to wife/mom/daughter/sister/friend/co-worker/etc
I run so I can think
I run to feel grateful for my healthy body
I run because it centers me and after a run I can accomplish anything
I run to feel strong
I run to set my mind free
I run because nothing gives me that sense of freedom, except maybe being on a river
I run for the endorphins
I run because running makes me more creative
I run because my mom runs
I run so I won't get cranky
I run so I can eat spoonfuls of caramel sauce right out of the jar and enjoy it
I run because after natural childbirth this is a piece of cake
I run because sometimes that 30 mins is my only me-time in the entire day
I run because I need fresh air and have always hated gyms
I run to get outside
I run because I love the early morning feeling of the day just beginning
I run because I like hearing the sound of my breath and my footsteps on the sidewalk
And I just love the way it makes me feel.

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SuSo said...

This is an excellent essay on running. I'm glad you developed my passion.

Your mom--a runner since you were 2.
Susan M. Souers