Saturday, October 15, 2011

Counting tomatoes

Happy fall! Since I last posted, the big boy turned TWO! And John's birthday is tomorrow. October is all about birthday and Halloween decorations around here.

Speaking of Halloween, I got A. a Winnie the Pooh costume ($10 at our great little kids consignment shop) but then I changed my mind, thinking it was lame. At the same time, A. decided he wanted to be "tiger tom cat - Yeow, yeow!" from the Margaret Wise Brown book "The Big Red Barn." So, we'll see if we can make something. A cat should be pretty easy, right? Not that I'm very crafty at all...

Here's a video I took yesterday - A. and I went for a little walk around the block. We checked to see if the door of the fire station was open (bummer, it wasn't), then kept going. Had fun walking through the fallen leaves, and encountered some tomato plants.

He's wearing my pink and gray winter running hat.

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