Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh, Wyoming!

We made up a song. It started with my mom and I singing "Home on the Range" when we were lost in the car with August, trying to find the hotel in the dark. August liked the song, and requested it (over and over) by saying "Oh!" So then that spurred another song - "Oh, Wyoming! Jackson, Wyoming! August went to Jackson...and he saw moose, and elk and buffalo, and trees and birds and flowers..."

Anyway, I went to Jackson to give a talk for work, and mom and August came with me. I'm so lucky to have my mama. So, so, so lucky. We had lots of fun - stage coach ride, ski lift ride, trip into Grand Teton National Park. Lots of great memories.

And soon we head to Montana!

(I just realized August is asleep in two of these pictures - we wore him out!)

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