Tuesday, December 14, 2010


How have I not posted anything since Thanksgiving? Lots going on. In addition to "fish" ("dish," "sshhh") August now says "ball" and "bubbles" -- and he makes the sign for "more" when enjoying delicious vanilla goat milk yogurt. The yogurt was inspired by his buddy Lucas, who made the trip with mama Mary Ellen this past weekend. So great to have wonderful West Seattle friends visit us. So much to catch up on and share. John said he has never heard two people talk more.

Thanks to advice from Mary Ellen, my mom, and great aunt Kaki -- I have some very wise and observant women in my life -- the new year for me is going to be more about ME. I have put myself 200% into motherhood, and now need to let go a little and nurture my own hobbies, needs, etc. So that means more running, reading, gardening, baking, writing, and maybe just DOING NOTHING, and... learning how to surf. I have wanted to learn forever, and now it's time. Bring on the cold Pacific water and wetsuits!

This is my last week at work before vacation. Mom and Dad arrive for good on Dec 23, and move into their new house in early January. They've been having a flurry of goodbye parties in NC. Hard to believe this is it! No more runs around "the loop" in their Raleigh neighborhood. We'll be starting new routines and traditions - all of us in the same city.

This is one of the most festive Christmas seasons - such fun with August. He points to the lights, and loves the Christmas tree (he sweeps it with the broom, one of his fave toys). He has only stolen a couple ornaments -- we keep moving them higher up on the tree.

For all of you reading this -- if you don't get a Christmas card this year, don't worry, you weren't dissed! It just means I didn't get around to making them. Not sure if it will happen or not -- just another way for me to practice "letting go..."

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Suzanne said...

You are forgiven for not sending Christmas cards. I gave up years ago. Love them, but they were more stress than joy. Have a fabulous Christmas with those good lookin' folks of yours! Suzanne