Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wild Child

Yesterday I went to visit the boy at daycare around lunch time, as usual. All of a sudden, my sweet little baby is gone and there's a wild toddler in his place. He was laughing, lunging, rolling, grabbing, biting (playfully, but still) There was a sweet chubby little girl there, younger than him, and he kept trying to pull her pig tail.

He loves the dog door - I caught him crawling out the other day, and last night he dropped a bottle of cholula (stolen from the open fridge, his other favorite thing) out the door.

He's really into kicking his legs. He'll kick them in the stroller while laughing at the dogs (and I'll reach over and tickle him). And he likes to lie back in the bath (with me holding him) and kick the water.

He is definitely a fun-loving little guy. A little joker. And even though he is fast becoming a little boy, there are still many sweet baby moments. Like right now, as I write this, he is asleep on the bed cuddled with papa. And last night, watching the US Open final, we were playing on the floor and he crawled into my lap to snuggle and nurse.

In a couple weeks he will be one. I remember his birth so clearly, it seems like it was yesterday. And I have some friends and colleagues who recently had babies, and seeing the photos and videos - the wrinkled faces and newborn snuffling sounds - brings it all back.

We're having a bbq on Oct 3 to celebrate the big day (we'll get home from a DC trip the night of Oct 1, so I figure it will be good to have a nice quiet recovery day on the 2nd, his b-day, then have people over on the 3rd) - need to get the invitations out today!

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