Thursday, June 18, 2009

The joys of travel

I'm in DC for work, and boy, this trip is wearing me out! I guess you have a lower threshold when you're 6 months (!) pregnant. I took the red-eye Sunday night (I know, mistake #1). Not only did I throw up once during the flight (luckily made it to the bathroom), but I puked again when I got off the plane in DC on Monday morning. First time I've thrown up this whole pregnancy, so I guess I'm lucky. Not sure if it was turbulence, exhaustion, empty stomach, or all of the above.

Feeling not so fresh and chipper, I went to the office and was kind of in a haze all day Monday. That night, my colleague noticed I had burst a blood vessel in my right eye. It's gross! It doesn't hurt or bother me at all (still wearing my contacts) but it looks horrific.

Tuesday, I came down with a sore throat. Wednesday it was pretty much gone, but I was congested. Still, I rallied Wed night because we had a going away party for a friend at AR, and it was so fun to see everyone and reminisce about old times. Today, feeling a little better, but still wishing I could take a nap! I know I need to be taking it easy, but it's pretty much impossible when work is going non-stop. Literally the only down time I have is when I go to the restroom and close the door of the stall, a great chance to close my eyes for a couple minutes.

It is fun being here though, since none of my DC colleagues had seen me pregnant yet. So that's definitely the topic of conversation. Well, that and my gross eye.

Looking forward to a mellow night tonight at Joy's house -- heading there soon for dinner. Then, a good night's sleep!

One more day in the office tomorrow, then I fly to NC for Father's Day weekend and some much-needed R&R in Raleigh.

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