Friday, June 6, 2008

What we've been up to

...Traveling, mostly. Both John and I have been back and forth to Portland for work. He brought some of our old furniture down to PRC's new office (which is cool, it's actually a house, so he can stay there when he travels) and just returned today, so I'm looking forward to seeing him when I get home from work!

The weather here STINKS. Hope mom, dad and Bobby don't read this because I'm trying to convince them to move out here! The picture of our beach below gives you a sense of what we've been dealing with. Overcast. Chilly. Drizzly. Also, it was taken at the lowest tide of the year (sailboat owner isn't happy!)

I think we're going to do some yard/garden work at home this weekend. We're gearing up for a trip back east -- in DC the week of June 16 (will be fun to be in DC with John and show him the old stomping grounds, then in NC at the beach starting June 21. Can't wait!

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