Thursday, September 27, 2007

Movie Premiere!

John and I went to our first red carpet movie premiere last night. People were actually dressed up, and not in Seattle fleece! (we got invited b/c our friend works at the production company)

It was the premiere of the movie Outsourced, which you should all go out and see. Good film, and cool story -- totally independent, they're trying to make it without help from a big studio.

The premiere was at a local theater and we got to drink champagne while we watched the movie. Then, went to the "after party". We were hoping Pearl Jam would show up, but alas, they didn't. Still, it was fun to say that we were VIPs.

Here's the Seattle Times story

Among the dozen or so movies opening around the country Friday, there is one lower-budget Seattle production that could have a major effect on the film business -- and it is no exaggeration to say the whole movie world will be watching.

The film is "Outsourced," a romantic comedy set in Seattle and India that was voted best film at the last Seattle International Film Festival. What's unique about "Outsourced" is that it's entering the hectic movie marketplace in seven cities Friday without a distributor, all on its own dime.

Bob and Sara, it's opening in Austin, I think tomorrow, so you should see it!

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