Monday, July 16, 2007

Montana, day 3 (Tues, July 10)

A river runs through it...

Today we floated the Missouri from Craig to Spite. This is where John used to guide. Saw antelope on the way to the river. We had a drift boat and two canoes. John, Dad, Bob and Sara all fished. Dad caught the first fish of the day, a lovely 14-inch brown trout.

Fun day. In addition to fishing, we swam, skipped stones (dad is the champ) and let Queets run around on the islands.

Saw hawks, mergansers, pelicans and swallows.

Took out at 6pm, headed back to town. Tasty italian dinner at "On Broadway" in Helena.

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John said...

Too bad we didn't get pics of TeSo's brown trout!